We have a good stock of 7600 magazines. All priced at $50 and are available in 10 shot 243/308 and 270/30-06/35 Whelan.

Triple K Magazine to suit Remington 7600 pump action.

Triple K Magazine to suit Remington 7600 pump action.

Also now available are Remington 7615 10 shot 223 in steel or aluminium for $40.


Winchester 320 magazines are HERE!!! Call us now to reserve yours at $85 for the 10 round magazine!
As certain models have experienced issues with a weak magazine catch, our lug is larger and can be filed down to ensure snug and secure fit. More info can also be found on the ‘Sportco History’ website.

Effective immediately, due to circumstances beyond our control, a number of magazines we stock have had massive price rises. This is due to increased freight, volatile Australian dollar and price increases from suppliers. Included in these price rises are -Lithgow/Slazenger, Anschutz 22, Krico 22 straight & curved, Voere 22, Sportco 22, Tyrol to $120 each and there will be more magazine price rise additions over the coming months.
The prices in our Monthly specials and SSAA advertising may be the old price listed as we notify them of print run more than a month in advance.
We apologise for any inconvenience or misunderstanding that may occur but unfortunately, we just cannot absorb the cost any longer. February 2018

Winchester 320 10 shot $85

The magazine lug on is bigger on our Winchester 320 magazine and can be adjusted to fit
snug and secure. This is due to the weak magazine catch spring in some of
the Winchester 320 models which are made between 1972-1974. Please also see
Sportco History‘ for further information.

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